C E O / Co-Founder

Lady Jay Presents The Pillow Talk On Tuesday 10-12pm and Saturday 10-12pm Gmt Also the gospel show on Sunday 5pm – 7pm (UK) Lady Jay is a practising Christian and an accomplished professional. She has been engaging people with her workshops, presentations and life coaching skills for more than 10 years. Her client group includes educators, students, professional organisations and anyone requiring her attention. She brings these transferable skills in presenting to her radio listeners. Her passion is to empower everyone she meets with knowledge and to educate, enlighten and encourage others in every area of life, covering the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Princess Jay-Jaye Co-presents the gospel show on Sunday 5pm – 7pm (UK) with Lady Jay, she covers the children segment of the show. She is the daughter of Lady Jay and a young performer with good presentation skills which she enjoys developing in presenting to her listeners.